Jenn X: Goodbye My Readers

Jenn X
LGBT Perspectives dating blogger

Jenn XOttawa — Dear readers I have decided to step back from writing here. My main reason is I’m all written out!. Also I’m focusing on other things such as my relationship that I currently have. And writing about other things on my personal blog over at Forever It Will Be – I’m Just Me where I write about beauty & fashion as well tons of other different fun things. That’s not all dating focused or is there much in the line of politics or political things.

I enjoyed my time here and had fun writing about my dating experiences and all of that Jazz but quite frankly its super tiring after a while when all you do is write about your shitty time with dating idiots and dicks. And you end up sounding like a broken record more so than not.

My time here was fun but I’m ready to do other things and that’s pretty much it. Thanks so much for following along in my quest to finding a man and I hope others have luck in finding their forever partner in crime.

Jenn X


Published by: Lana

I write about my life and the things that are important to me. I also sometimes write about beauty and things of that nature. I mainly blog to get the things out of my head. I’ll never pay for a blog because I don’t want to make money from it. I write because I enjoy it. And if others get enjoyment from reading then awesome!

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